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Located in the heart of Eugene's university district, Taylor's is renowned for being the favorite watering hole and party spot for Duck fans young and old.


Taylor's Bar and Grill has come to be a part of the very fabric of the University of Oregon, mirroring the University's own rise to national prominence. Founded in 1922 by father and son Fred and Hersch Taylor, Taylor’s has now serviced the campus community for almost a century. Taylor’s first rose to prominence through promotion of live music, bringing many major acts to Eugene, including appearances by B.B. King in the 70’s, Blues Traveler in the 80’s, and Widespread Panic in the 90’s. Indeed, Taylor’s consistently moves with the times.

Taylor’s has always enjoyed a close relationship with Oregon Athletics, remaining a regular watering hole for athletes and fans. From the days when Oregon hoped to contend in the Poylan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl, to it’s recent appearances in two National Championship games, Taylor's has proudly hosted its fellow ducks.  

From hosting Jim Belushi and the crew of Animal House (it is even rumored that the original  Blues Brothers sketch was written after a night watching Curtis Salgado perform at Taylor’s) to serving the newest generation of Ducks, Taylor’s has seen it all.

We continue to be proud of our place in the heart of campus, and thank you for your continued patronage at THE Oregon Bar. "Once a duck, always a duck!"




(541) 344-6174



894 E 13th Ave,

Eugene, OR 97401



Open Daily 11:30am–2:00am